Antoine Cedric

is a multi-disciplinary artist based in the Netherlands. His upbringing and early interests in multiple creative fields like drawing, painting, photography, poetry, music & film made him the multi-faceted creator he is today. His film career started when he was 13, although he wouldn't pursue it professionally until after working at NPO 3FM in 2019. His interest in music picked up around the same age, this grew into a fully fledged creative pursuit when he, and the entire world, were forced to stay inside in 2020. In pursuit of art & rhythm, he embarks on a journey through life combining his multi-faceted stack of creative passions into a single life force; creative experimentation. This digitally-raised dreamer explores his crafts in every way possible and has a natural thirst to keep learning and growing. His career is all about trying new things & improving while doing so.

DOB: Aug. 21st, 1998

EDUCATION: Hanze University (CMD) University of Copenhagen (Film)

BASED IN: Europe (NL)