Need some new instagram content?

Or an unbiased look at your next creative endeavour?

You can now book Antoine Cedric for photoshoots and creative sessions through this online form. Just choose what for, your time-slot and add some details about the booking.

Bookings will be approved online after payment (you’ll receive an e-mail). Available during three 2-hour time slots every day and one 2-hour night slot.


Urban photoshoot: €75,-
During the photoshoot we’ll visit some places in and around Groningen I see best fit your theme. Please state in the description what clothing pieces and / or theme you’d want, or any ideas.


Creative session (Dutch or English): €50,-
During a two-hour time slot we’ll find a place in the city where we can focus and open-mindedly talk about your creative idea or concept. During this session we’ll the ins and outs of your idea, how to make it work and what to do. At the end of the session, together we’ll come up with a plan regarding your idea (albeit it a business move, a next step, a shift in mindset, a new focus, etc.).

Since the start of his business Antoine has been talking to lots of people about their business ideas, he listens and doesn’t disregard any idea as a “bad” idea. As a natural born problem-solver he rather tries to find the solutions to the problems that people face with their creative ideas and concepts. He doesn’t need to be an expert in your field to know how to make a creative idea into a business, in fact, because most of the ideas he’s helped people with were outside of his field he is usually able to give unbiased advice.



If the payment through paypal is impossible for you or you want to pay at the shoot or session itself, please send me an e-mail ( and I’ll send you an invoice if your date and time is still available.

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