To promote herself as an artist who has a lot of styles up her sleave April Grey asked me to join her on one of her harder shows. Since she’s known for her Urban / Hiphop shows she wanted to create a video showcasing her ending set at Zomerpop 2019, where she was booked to play a hard Trap set to end the day. I’ve worked together with April Grey about a year ago, and it’s always a great time joining her shows, so naturally I said yes when she invited me back!

On stage we were joined by MC John Kho, who regularly travels with April Grey. Together they were hyping up the crowd really well, it was a great explosive set to end the night with. To capture the set the best way possible I mostly filmed handheld with very broad and big movements. I knew beforehand that I was gonna edit it to a hard trap song, so I played into that with my filmmaking, more on that below.


APRIL GREY, Trap Set Promo


April Grey

What We Did

Trap Set Promo; Instagram Delivery


Next Day Delivery

To Ronin or not to Ronin.

For this shoot I brought my Ronin with me since I’d recently purchased a new monitor for it. I wanted to test my new setup on a shoot, but after I had filmed a couple on-stage shots with my ronin I realised that for this particular shoot I should ditch it. Reason being, is that I was gonna edit to a hard trap song, and I needed my shots to be explosive and with broad movements, so I could later match it to the music I was gonna use. For the one-hour long set I think I used my Ronin for a whole 5 minutes. When making videos gear is a bit important, yes, but what’s even more important is knowing when and how to use your gear. In this specific case I thought the Ronin shots were no fit for the type of video I was trying to make, therefore I put it aside and captured the rest of the set handheld.


Yes, you read that right, in this video there is one shot that was recorded on 13 fps internally. I used a technique that I tried first time in an earlier shoot for SonicNoise (The Vios Video). The technique uses light and slow shutter speeds to create light streaks. It’s a technique used a lot by party photographers, usually in combination with a flashlight. The stage was dressed with a big lion I wanted to capture and give some more impact, therefore I shot the video at 13fps and sped it up to 200% in the edit. This created some crazy and unnatural motion blur which fit very well with a hard edit like this one.

Instagram, Instagram, Instagram.

I feel like I keep repeating myself in these posts, but once again this video was delivered with a social first mentality. And when exporting for Instagram it is usefull you have the right tools available to you, that’s why on my website I’ve shared with you a free-to-download Instagram Template, which features multiple sequence presets that I use for all my projects. These presets range from widescreen, to feed sizes (4×5), to story sizes. I can’t stress enough that maximising your reach on Instagram is tied together directly to the way you’re posting the videos. When you optimise the amount of space you take up on the feed, then you optimise your response to your video posts. They’re free to use and available for download through the link down below.