Ellen Ten Damme, a dutch artist with and ecstatic and varied show. Last year Rocket Stories (who I worked together with for the “De Jeugd #1000” video) shot a trailer for her tour “Paris-Berlin”.  This year she wanted another video for her new show “Casablanca”. Rocket stories referred me to her management and they asked me if I wanted to shoot this video.

The shoot was gonna happen in one day, almost all of the footage needed to be shot during the rehearsals, because us being on stage during the show would ruin the show for the audience. Because we were on such a tight schedule I thought it’d be smart to get a second shooter with me. I called around and ended up hiring Jouke van Til for the job. Together we drove from Groningen all the way to Velthoven for this shoot.


Ellen Ten Damme: Casablanca (Trailer)


Ellen Ten Damme

Second Camera

Jouke van Til

What We Did

Show trailer

Shooting 4K while delivering 1080p

While to most people this might sound like a weird thing to do, I specifically wanted to shoot this shoot in 4k 50 even though I knew the final product was gonna be delivered in full HD only. I did this so that I would minimise the grain in the final deliverable. I decided to let the second shooter shoot in 50fps so I had the option to slow down some of the shots if I wanted to. To achieve this I rented myself the FS5II. The second shooter brought his own GH5 and I brought my a6300 which was originally the intended B-Cam. However I decided to go with the GH5’s excellent 10bit quality over the matching colours of the two Sony cameras.

Fast paced shooting

We had only two hours to shoot the complete 1,5 hour show. The show was shortened for rehearsals however. Out of the 26 song show, we shot a mere 14 in the 2 hours we had. Before we started filming these 14 songs were already established, they were picked for the specific performance it had in them. Some show elements needed to be captured, some performances, and some songs. In the two hours it was just shooting and rehearsing the whole time, after that we already had almost all of our shots. The only thing we then needed to do was wait for the show to start. At this point we could go in and take some audience shots, and shots of Ellen with the audience. We captured these in the first couple of songs of the show and then wrapped up our shoot.