Every year, one of the weeks in August, groningen is transformed into one big party city. It is when the new students come to the city that there is an event called “Keiweek” which introduces new students to the city of Groningen. For the last two years my friend SonicNoise has been DJ’ing almost every night in this week, booking gigs at multiple venues in Groningen, and always tearing down the roof at the final afterparty (which starts at 03:00am and lasts till late in the morning).

This year was no exception and therefore I joined him on a few of his gigs that week to create content for his social media. Exactly a week after I joined him again to an impromptu show at VIOS hengelo for their intro week, this is that week.


A Week With SonicNoise




&ZO Groningen, Club Kokomo Groningen, VIOS Hengelo

What I Did

Recap Videos


“The Zoo” at &ZO

First gig of the week was in club &ZO Groningen, this club, tucked away in the back of the party street, had a “Zoo” themed night that night. SonicNoise did what he always does and had a great night DJ’ing and entertaining the crowd. It was my job to capture that feeling into one video, but I knew I wanted a raw and flashy style to begin with. We shot an intro outside before his gig and I seamlessly edited this into the final product. It was delivered in 5×4 format, since this is the maximum height instagram allows.


NEON PARTY at Kokomo

On Thursday there was a Neon party at Club Kokomo. There were showgirls walking around putting neon paint on guests’ faces, and the party was very vibrant and bright, I tried to capture this and make this visible in the edit as well. I, again, went for a quick edit style on this one as that is more intriguing and triggering to the Instagram Audience. This one was edited in a 4×3 size. The first one was edited 4×5 to get viewers attention, but the second one was made wider to be able to get more into the frame, and we were counting on people that had seen the first one would be more likely to watch the second one.


Afterparty at Kokomo

On Friday we were at Club Kokomo again, this time it was the afterparty. The students had a party in a big event hall in Groningen, after which the party would continue in Club Kokomo, and it did! I came there around 4:30am and it was packed, I’m sure I was there for another couple hours before I left around 6:30 and it was packed all the time. In this one I wanted to make a hard and flashy edit to end the week with. Again we shot the intro in one of SonicNoise’s breaks, and I went from there in the edit.

A Week After;


The week after the Keiweek in Groningen SonicNoise had gotten an invite by MC Venom if he wanted to do a guest set at the venue he was playing at that night. As he was hanging out with me that night I joined him to film that night. That’s how the last video in this series happened.