PIÑA en la Playa

Beach Club Whoosah, Scheveningen

Salsa, Bachata & Good vibes at a beachclub on the edge of the Netherlands, aka Piña a la playa. Piña has been great to work with, every party they throw seems to be near or completely sold out! The secret? Everyone loves it. I’ve seen ages just 18 and ages 60 walking around at their parties and everyone’s having a great time.

For this edition Piña rented out Whoosah beachclub in scheveningen; a visually stunning location. It was up to me to record an aftermovie for this edition.


Piña en la Playa

What We Did




Pictures by:

Open Minded Photography

Segmenting the location into

three different “areas”

Usually at Piña events they have a mainstage and a second stage, the main stage has popular salsa / latin music and the second stage has bachata. This is really helpful when editing the final product, I usually start out with a slower paced edit of the main stage, then switch over to the bachata stage and then finish with a high paced edit of the main stage again. For this edition I had to segment the beachclub into three different “areas”, as there was only one stage. Therefore I chose to highlight “outside”, “inside at the bar” and “inside the big tent” as my three area’s.

Day and Night

My edits are usually either completely at day (like UMF Kingsday) or completely at night or inside (like Versuz x UMF). It happens very rarely that there’s that much of a time shift in a short video like this. This is my shortest video to this day that has that much of a time shift. This drastic change in lighting changes the tone of an event completely, therefore it’s always hard to make the switch from day to night in an edit. This time I chose to take one common object (the wooden “tree”) and made sure that was visible in three shots that changed from daytime to dusk to nighttime. This way I could make a quick transition while not confusing the audience.

Smooth transitions.

I like adding smooth scene transitions to a video, I think it adds a unique style to my video’s. The reason my transitions are unique is because they are handmade and usually work only for the specific shots I used it for. For example; the transition from the guy taking a photo with his phone to that shot of the beach. That transition only worked because I decided to take a shot of the beach before I went inside the venue. If I had chosen any other shot to transition that into, it wouldn’t have worked. But now the transition adds to the story of “someone taking a photo of the beach”. The same counts for the two matching shots of lights in the tent. We start out at the back of the tent, see some lights pass, and then transition to similar lights moving in similar directions ,but now we’re directly in front of the dj. This only works because those lights were moving similarly and it shows the story of “the crowd the dj is dj’ing for”. These are the things I think about when making my transitions, there is a story behind all of them, and that’s why they’re unique.