On the 6th of July 2019 Pure Urban held their first ever Beach Festival, and we were tasked with creating the official aftermovie for this Sold Out edition. The event was held at Beach Club Kaaphorn in Groningen, Netherlands. This location set the perfect tone for this summer opening party, by combining an outdoor stage with the indoor space they created the perfect atmosphere you would be looking for at any festival.

For this event I collaborated once again with Thijs van Geenhuizen. At the festival there were gonna be performances by Poke and Broederliefde that had to be captured properly, and therefore would be great to have a secondary camera angle of. Thijs was shooting second camera where necessary and shooting crowd and B-Roll otherwise. For the Drone Shots you see in the video Pure Urban asked Max Zwaving, who I connected with at the start of the event to make sure I could use the footage for the final edit.


Pure Urban Beach Festival 2019


Pure Urban

What We Did

Aftermovie, Raw Footage Delivery

Second Camera

Thijs van Geenhuizen

Drone Footage by

Max Zwaving

The setup (Run ‘n Gun).

For this shoot we opted with a light setup, I was running my standard a6300 handheld setup and Thijs was running a Sony a6500 with a couple of zoom lenses, sometimes on a Ronin-S. My videos are always shot handheld, since I want to make the watcher feel like they’re actually at the event. When shooting handheld I get a somewhat “raw” style of filming, almost as if it could’ve been what you saw at the event if you were actually there yourself.

Directing guests

The first hours, as usual (for festivals) it started a bit slowly, but as soon as the first performing artist got on stage the festival was packed. Before the festival was packed though we had the idea of creating “vintage” inspired videos of guests dancing and interacting with the camera. To do this both of us walked around the festival looking for people who wanted to help us with this. After selecting people I directed their movement and interaction while Thijs was making the shot. This effect I ended up adding to a couple of extra shots within the edit to solidify the style within the final product.

Production to Delivery.

For this shoot I did all of the pre-production in a new way. Since we were shooting this with the two of us we had to plan into detail what how and why. For this I created a production sheet outlining all of the details necessary for the shoot; from equipment to editing style. This made it really easy and straight forward for us during the shoot. We both knew what we were up for, and even though every shoot comes with it’s own surprises, it is great to remove as many as you can beforehand. Doing this made the shoot go really smoothly during the day itself.