Talpa Network is one of the Netherlands’ largest media distributors. When Filmakers asked me to take on this project I was immediately excited to do so. They arranged all the details of the event, from design, to the table top projection to basically everything. It was my job to capture this insane production as well. Make it come to live in a video recapping the event.

For the project I had rented the FS5 and I brought my own a6300 Ronin setup. The second shooter (who was provided by filmakers) was running around with an FS7. For those of you not that tech-savy; my setup was agile and small, for move-ability. His setup was sturdier for smoother shots and close-ups steadiness.


Talpa Network: “Samen Uit” (Aftermovie)



Second Camera

Mark (Filmakers.nl)

What We Did


The highlight of the night.

By far the most important part of the night; the table-top animations. While the whole night was important to capture, this part was especially important. The client (filmakers) worked their asses off to get these tabletop visuals as perfect as possible; around 200 beamers projecting on a similar number of tables perfectly working with the plating of those tables.

Aside from that…

Obviously having only the tabletop projections wouldn’t at all capture the night. The night started in a small foyer, moving to a bigger hall for dinner and ending in a club setting for partying, all done within Studios 21 & 22 in Hilversum. All of this had to be highlighted, and still not get boring. Therefore the edit had to be slick and smooth, while always introducing new details. This was the main focus of the way this video was edited.