Editing 9 scenes for a theatre movie in only 3 weeks seems quite an impossible task, but that was merely MY task. Together with a big crew led by director Jeroen Sijtsma a whole movie was shot on only the 28th of September in a little over 18 hours. This movie had to be released in theatres a humble 3,5 weeks later. I rolled into the project as an editor. After this insane achievement of shooting a 90-minute-feature film in under 24 hours I was tasked to edit 9 cinematic scenes (with varying styles) in only 3 weeks time.

I’ve always loved a challenge, but this was an extraordinary one I couldn’t say no to. To achieve a 90 minute feature film in only 24 hours most of it was shot handheld, documentary style. This meant they could easily shoot all of the storyline in only one day. At the same time two other teams were shooting all of the cinematic scenes that were¬† gonna tie the story together. I was tasked to edit the scenes of these two teams.




Jeroen Sijtsma

What I Did

Editing 9 cinematic scenes in only three weeks time

Doing the most in the least amount of time

Three weeks might seem like a long time for 9 scenes, but when you think about the fact that after I am done with the scenes an audio engineer has to go through all of them, for that to get back to me for colouring, for that to get sent to a final editor who puts all of the scenes together for the whole movie, of which all of the other scenes have to go through the same process, then three weeks all of a sudden becomes so little time. And at the three week mark a final movie HAS to be delivered to all the movie theatres.

Messages, calls, voice memos, etc., etc.

For most productions like this you would have your team of editors close together so they can all work on it at the same time in the same place, but since my house is a good 2,5 hour ride from the Director’s office this wasn’t a viable option, the 5 hours of travel that I would save in a day I could spend on editing the actual movie. Therefore a lot of texting, calling and voice memos were sent over this 3 week period.


But in the end it was definitely worth it. It doesn’t matter how good, bad, big or small the end result gets, it’s already great sitting in a movie theatre together with all these creatives who got together and collaborated on this feature film that was shot within 24 hours, edited in under a month. And released in movie theatres all across the country exactly one month after the first record button was pressed. That in and of itself is an incredible achievement that I was glad to be a part of.