“Short and concise. Two words that perfectly describe my videos.”



price per project
a social memory.

A short and concise recap of your event / show or activity, all captured in a video under 60 seconds.

Perfect for Artists, Small events and Teaser videos. Created and edited specifically for the purpose to share on social media.

The 60 second video allows it to be posted on mostly all social media platforms (60s on instagram, 90s on twitter, no limit on facebook).

According to a new study from Microsoft Corp., (2015) people now generally lose concentration after eight seconds. I edit video’s in a way to try to grab people’s attention in these first eight seconds.


Price varies per project, please send me an e-mail or DM.


price per project
a longer memory

A little longer recap video for your event. My video’s are always made as short as possible, while still telling the full story, though some events or activities are just not able to be told in just 60 seconds. For these video’s I try to keep a maximum of 150 seconds.

Perfect for Bigger Events and Full day activities. Created and edited to be shared on social media and to be kept as a personal memory.

This video allows for sharing on platforms like Facebook and sometimes twitter. If requested I will also make a shorter preview version for instagram sharing.


Price varies per project, please send me an e-mail or DM.


price per project
professional video and audio editing

Do you have no time to edit your own project? Did you get someone to film a few clips for you and want that edited together for your instagram?

I’m the man for you, i’ve edited lots of videos since I was 13 years old. I’ve learned professional editing (audio and video) programs and I’ve created lots of social media content over the years.

I can edit most of the projects you’d ask for, and if I don’t own the skill yet, I’m always willing to learn.


Price varies per project, calculated per working hour. Please send me an e-mail or DM with your request.


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