Short and Concise. That's the idea behind all my projects. Videos that contain only the essence of your story. Videos that capture only and solely that which is necessary to keep your story engaging and powerful. This ideology works perfectly in today's "always on" world. By telling your story through only the essence we keep the audience entertained and excited. If you combine this ideology with my natural feeling for music and you get a typical "Antoine Cedric" video;

A concise and engaging video, showcasing only the essence of your story in an edit that is flowing perfectly to the rhythm of the audio.

Antoine Cedric Filmmaker



price per project
a social memory.

A short and concise recap of your event / show or activity, all captured in a video under 60 seconds.

This type of content is perfect for Artists, Small events and Teaser videos. They’re made as to tell your story as quickly and concise as possible. With the purpose to be shared on social media.

The 60 second video allows it to be posted on mostly all social media platforms (60s on instagram, 90s on twitter, no limit on facebook).


price per project
a longer memory

A full length aftermovie to recap your event could be the perfect option for you.

My video’s are usually made as short as possible, while still telling the complete story. Though, some activities are unable to be told in only 60 seconds. For these projects I create full length aftermovies. Sometimes these are as short as 90 seconds or sometimes even up to 4 minutes.

Perfect for Bigger Events and all-day activities. Created and edited to be shared on social media. Also possible to be kept as a personal memory.


price per project
professional video and audio editing

Want to have your home made videos professionally edited for your Social Media? Need to give that application video an extra touch? Stuck on an edit that just doesn’t seem to work?

Because of my vast knowledge of professional editing programs, gathering skills since I was thirteen and being well known in all social media platforms, I know how to edit your video in the way that best suits your product. No matter if your product is a new car, an event or even yourself.


Or wanna chat about your next video venture? Don't hesitate to send me an email