From an early age Antoine was creating. Starting off his journey on Youtube with gaming and dancing videos, his interests slowly grew into making the coolest edits, weekly dancing videos and writing, acting and creating his own skits. Along with his passion for video he has always had a profound interest in music. From creating mixtapes with friends to producing songs with them at 13 years old.

The passion for music, film and rhythm grew naturally from there. When touring at 16 (with one of his best friends who was on his way to becoming a professional DJ) his passion for film grew massively. This network of DJ’s slowly grew into becoming a full time event filmmaker. 

This was the first moment filmmaking became an actual source of income.

Eight years later (2023) and Antoine is now a co-founder of Film Company “Bonfire Media”. From freelancer, to production company, to merging with another filmmaker to launch the production company now known as Bonfire his skillset grew immensely, but one thing stayed behind; Music.

So when the time felt right he started investing in his other venture known as “Freckled”. A record label, privately owned to release and promote his own music on all major platforms, as well as a platform for artist friends to use and release and promote their songs.

Now Antoine Cedric is a multidisciplinary artist trying to change the artistic landscape in his hometown of Groningen and as far as this journey will take him. 

A Film Director, Musician, Business Owner & Creative Director…

For now.


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Oude Boteringestraat 71.1
9712EW, Groningen, NL

Antoine Cèdric

creative storytelling through film, music and art

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