De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig (translated: Today’s youth); one of the Netherland’s biggest Hip Hop Groups. They’re known for their raw, humorous and electronic Hiphop. With their hits like “Watskeburt?” (2005) and numerous others they became one of the biggest Dutch Hiphop groups really fast. In the first weekend of June, 2019 “De Jeugd” had their 1.000th show at the Olympic Stadium, Amsterdam. Production company Rocketstories was tasked with producing video content for the show. I was brought on as Cameraman (A-Cam) and Editor for this project.

We were tasked with creating online video content for after and during the show. To manage this our producer Roy Schepers was editing backstage while me and Jurjen (B-Cam) were filming. The two of us kept running back and forth between backstage, on-stage and in the crowd. This allowed Roy to have fresh content to work with for the edit. The day after I came back while the other crew-members were filming a different artist (Tino Martin) on the same stage. Sitting backstage with the producer allowed me to receive feedback while editing. This way we were able to deliver a solid first edit that same night.


Dutch artists “De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig” have their thousandth show

What I Did

Shooting A Cam & editing the final movie



Second Camera

Jurjen Dijkstra

On Stage, Off Stage, Backstage…

The show was 2,5 hours of straight excitement. Beforehand I discussed the setlist with the stagemanager, after which we agreed on specific moments in the show where I would be allowed on stage. While the artists were walking on stage and during their final song. During their show I was allowed to walk up behind their DJ. During the show I was constantly switching up positions, from inside the barriers. behind the crowd to inside the crowd, always trying to find the best angle

Shooting for the music.

The producer was provided with a list of songs to be used for the video content. The song chosen for this video was a very raw song called “Moshpit”. Knowing the song beforehand allowed me to make shots I wouldn’t usually make if I was shooting for a different vibe. Because of this I chose to film aspects like the screen behind the artists and some very stylistically shaky footage to enhance the raw feeling of the track. Because of the raw style of the music used I also made choices in editing I’d normally not make, choosing to go for the part of the shot where me or Jurjen was just adjusting the camera, making it shake naturally, or choosing an end or beginning of a shot so I could enhance the raw tone of the music.

Instagram Delivery

For this project we made social first content, because of this we delivered the content for instagram specifically. Together with the normal widescreen version we delivered version for feed (4×5) and stories. It’s a small effort for a big result, creating feed specific videos allows for bigger room on the feed, which allows for more plays of the video on social media.

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