About a month before Kingsday I got asked if I was interested in making the aftermovie and backstage content for this year’s Urban Music Festival (Kingsday Edition). The event was going to be held at Stadspodium, Amsterdam. I said yes. Filming two stages, big artists on stage and filming backstage content. This was a grand task and I was sure I wasn’t able to do this all by myself. Therefore I asked Thijs van Geenhuizen to join me on this project. He was tasked with shooting the backstage content and, whenever he had time, would help me on stage as a second shooter.

The interviewee was provided by Urban Music Festival themselves; DJ Kelly Ross. She and Thijs were the ones tasked with the backstage content. They would go around and ask the artists questions about their show, kingsday and anything relevant to the festival. I was there when they did the first test run, but I trusted in their abilities to shoot the interviews properly, and so we started.


Urban Music Festival #Kingsday 2019


Urban Music Festival

Second Camera

Thijs van Geenhuizen

What We Did

Aftermovie; Artist Interviews; Animated Bumpers;

We rented different equipment

to deliver a higher

quality (4K) end result.

For this shoot we decided to rent some extra equipment. Together with the client I decided that I wanted to deliver the highest possible quality for the budget they had available. This landed me at renting a FS5 for Thijs and a FS7 for myself, an excellent camera that can shoot high frame rates in Full HD as well as 4K 10bit in 50 frames per second. This allowed me to incorporate slow motion into my editing, which is one of my favourite methods when it comes to editing events.

Running, running, running

The first hours started quite slow, the crowd had to get into the right mood. The periodic rain showers at the start of the day surely contributed to the slow start, but once the first live artist entered stage the crowd broke open. The people in the front dancing in the rain, the people in the back, also dancing, taking shelter from the rain. From that moment on until the last artist I was running around non stop. With set times that lasted 30 minutes max. I really had too. This way I was able to capture every part of the performance from as many angles as possible. Also it really helped that I could trust Thijs to do a good job backstage.

Shooting for vibes.

Most cinematographers these days try to focus on perfect images, trying to attain a pixel perfect image. However, when I started making videos in this scene I started because I loved music. I started out because of the love for music, and then started learning more and more about filmmaking itself. This is why in my filmmaking I focus on subjects, whether it’s the artist on stage, the person in the crowd, or a flag moving in the wind. The subject and their movement is the key part to my videos. Therefore whenever I shoot a project like this I tell my B-camera ops to shoot for movement. Following an artist’s or a visitor’s hand or body movements is key. This is what I look for in the edit, movement, not pixel perfect imagery. You’ll see this in all my event videos. Thijs did an amazing job shooting for movement, which made it really comfortable for me in the editing proces.

Interviews & Bumpers

Thijs and Kelly handled the interviews really well. In total they shot 8 different interviews that day. What was left for me to do was to edit them all together and to design some bumper animations for them. All animations you see in the video were made custom for this project from .psd’s delivered by the client.

Click here for the full interview