Urban Music Festival is one of the big names in the dutch Urban scene. But the Netherlands aren’t the only country that love dutch Urban music. So does Belgium, and that’s why, on the 9th of June, Urban Music Festival was held in Belgium. On top of it being held in a different country, #UMFBE was being held in number 40th best club in the world (DJ Mag).

I was excited to film here, so I took on the gig solo. I drove all the way across the Netherlands from Groningen to Belgium to end up in one of the most visually pleasing clubs I’ve been in in my entire life; Versuz.


Urban Music Festival Belgium 2019


Urban Music Festival

What I Did


Lots of lights

I went to this shoot with my regular camera setup (a6300, a couple of lenses and a monitor). When I got there I was so surprised by how light the club was. Hanging from the ceiling were columns of lights. Big blinders inside with LED strips along them and moving heads on the bottom of each one of them, aside from that they had a lot of LED panels hanging everywhere around the space of the dance-floor. In most clubs I’m required to bump up the setting on my camera’s to get anyone visibly in frame. I didn’t have to do that here. Filming in Versuz was a nice switch up from the clubs I’m used to film at.

Searching for bottles

Versuz is a club where people come to spend their money. Meaning they spend it on plenty of drinks, cocktails or even bottles. The client asked me to incorporate this aspect into the video, without it seeming like it’s really about the club. It needed to be incorporated as if it were part of the experience. Therefore when I saw two bartenders walking with 6 bottles I felt it was the perfect opportunity, I made my way through a few people to get in front of them and followed them until the bottles were at the table. This allowed me to incorporate this aspect neatly into the one minute video.

Shooting for vibes.

Most cinematographers these days try to focus on perfect images, trying to attain a pixel perfect image. However, when I started making videos in this scene I started because I loved music. I started out because of the love for music, and then started learning more and more about filmmaking itself. This is why in my filmmaking I focus on subjects, whether it’s the artist on stage, the person in the crowd, or a flag moving in the wind. The subject and their movement is the key part to my videos. Therefore whenever I shoot a project like this I tell my B-camera ops to shoot for movement. Following an artist’s or a visitor’s hand or body movements is key. This is what I look for in the edit, movement, not pixel perfect imagery. You’ll see this in all my event videos. Thijs did an amazing job shooting for movement, which made it really comfortable for me in the editing proces.