Video Editing Pack for Instagram


The Video Editing Pack for Instagram includes Sequence Presets, a workspace, and an IGTV project file.

A Sequence indicates video size and framerates, the IG Sequences include sequences made for Instagram Stories, Feed and IGTV. The pack also includes an added 1080p and 4k Sequence. All available in 24, 25 or 30fps.

The Workspace is optimised for editing with vertical video. On the left is your program monitor, for reviewing your edit, the right side of your screen is divided in top and bottom. At the top you’ll have your project panel and your source panel. Also on the top you’ll have your effects and effect control panel. On the bottom you’ll find your timeline and tools, to give optimal space to both the timeline and the video when editing on a single screen.

the IGTV Template includes a template project file in which a 1080p IGTV sequence is created, it includes the maximum length of an IGTV video, the maximum length of a preview in the feed, alongside with the according sizes for each.

This pack is free for anyone to use, I created this for myself and decided others might find use in it too. Let me know what you guys think by connecting me on my Instagram @antoinedric or leave a comment below!


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